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First, you need to research you’re URL, use the search engine of your choice, Google, Yahoo, whatever: and search for the products or services you provide and see how many other businesses are providing the same things. Check out there URL and think about what you would choose as a URL to compete with those guys. Notice that most of the sites use their products or services in there URL, not their company name! Then go to GoDaddy and see if the domains you have in mind are available.

In those same Search Results, check out what those companies are saying about there business and products. You will also need the same type of information on your Website. I mean content, the text that describes your company and products. The more descriptive the content the better, this is a time where being long-winded is a good thing!

Quality Pictures of your products are a necessity. A Web page is a perfect medium to display your products so that your customers can see exactly what they are buying. Think about when you shop online, even for books, if you see a quality picture of it you are far more likely to buy.

The last thing that we would suggest that you do is to research a Web Design that catches your eye. Look at the same sites that you researched above and see if you like the design of one or more of them. It helps the Web Designer if we already have a basic idea of what you like and then go from there.

Now that you have some basic information on getting started, you are half way to having a great webpage!

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Go to eBay, arguably one of the most popular websites for bargain hunters. Check out the navigation for the categories on the left-hand side. No flashy buttons that blink and pop when you select them. There are two reasons to have text navigation on your website. One is that graphics take time for your browser to load. And the other, more important reason, is that they are search engine friendly. The text can be read by the search engines and is considered ‘relevant content’.

Again, looking at eBay, notice that they have a couple of eye-catching graphical blocks or banners that are promoting a couple of items or categories that they are pushing this week.

But they do not have a confusing amount of little boxes all over the site. Now look at MSN, I am not trying to say that MSN is not a great site, but if you are a novice computer user it is easy to see that you could stare at that site and not be able to figure out what to do or where to go if you are looking for a specific item. I am 48 and I built my first computer at 20 and I feel a little overwhelmed when I go to sites like MSN.

SEO starts with a strategic selection of your URL. Should you use your business name for your URL? Sometimes this is not the best decision for your Web Site. If you decide to select a URL that reflects your business’s products or services, how do you find one that is still available and will still help search engine users (customers) find your Web Site?


The second, and arguably one of the most important factors, is ‘content’. We are referring to text you use on your site that describes your product and or services. Your content must not only accurately describe your business offerings to you Web Visitors but also to the Search Engines. This can be more complicated than it seems!

But by far the most important factor that will increase your sites exposure and Search Engine Ranking is the number and type of incoming links from other websites. This is by far the hardest part of the ongoing process of developing and maintaining a website. Finding linking partners is essential and take a lot of ‘leg-work but if you have friend and associates with websites that are the first places to start.

The code and other background factors can be optimized by your Web Programmer while developing your site and in an ongoing SEO strategy. These factors are a little too complicated to describe here and usually would not be edited or modified by you.

At Webpage Design Maui we understand the nuances of Search Engine Optimization and will be glad to help you even if you already have a Web page.

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