AlKatt Productions and Maui Website Design - A Great Partnership

AlKatt Productions and Maui Website Design – A Great Partnership

Here are 10 tips for title tags given by John Alexander, a prominent search engine expert:

  1. “When working with your keyword phrase, get it positioned up front so that as you build a sentence it still reads well.

  2. Try working with your one important keyword phrase up front and another secondary phrase to the rear of the title.

  3. Try writing your title to make a thought-provoking statement.

  4. Try writing your title so that it asks a “thought-provoking” question.

  5. Try writing a title so that it reveals a hidden truth or misconception.

  6. While in creative mode, keep your mind on what it is that your target audience really wants.

  7. Build honest titles that are related to your site content.

  8. Do NOT resort to keyword stuffing or stacking the title full of multiple phrases that do not convey an intelligent message.

  9. Do not include a lot of capitals or special characters in your title.

  10. Do not get hung up on title length. The easiest rule is to simply keep your title under 59 characters (for Lycos sake) and honestly, you can build really excellent titles in this space.”

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