WOW… What roller coaster is our economy riding? Owning a successful business in today’s uncertain economy is going to be a challenge. We cannot guarantee you that the unemployment rate will move up or that the stock market will return to previous levels.

But there is one thing that we can GUARANTEE you is that the number of people using the internet to find, research and purchase products and services will continue to increase. According to one source, indicated that online Christmas shopping will increase this year despite the financial crisis.

In today’s market having a web page is as important as having an ad in the yellow pages, advertisements in your local newspaper and having fliers sent out. But having a website designed can be much cheaper than an ad in the yellow pages or any other publication! And with a web page, at any time, anyone in the world can find out about your business and services. All the other forms of advertisements are regional and the costs are significant and reoccurring.

A website can be modified and updated at any time unlike a yellow pages ad. If your location, phone number, product availability, pricing or any other important information changes it can easily updated on your Webpage. You can easily have your monthly specials added to your website and have testimonials from your recent customers added to your site.